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We are a young D/s couple living and experimenting in all aspect of this lifestyle: Femdom, Strapons, CBT, T&D, Ruined Orgasms, Feminization, Bondage, Humiliation, and especially Chastity. I will blog about this lifestyle and mostly about play time with Goddess.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Haven't posted for awhile. Switching jobs and moving, so I've been busy. I haven't been able to be with Goddess for a few weeks. I am currently locked up and its been just about 1 week so far, and I wont be released for another week and a half. I'm already really horny and getting constant erections, and having plenty of sex dreams. Goddess said she went to the sex shop and got some ideas to make something for the next time i see her. She wont tell me what it is, but i think it may be a bondage/restraining device. I'm very excited, but it;s a long time until then. I'll keep this updated once I meet up with her.

Also I get discounted flights throughout the US and EU, so Goddess wants me to apply to become a slave Femdom actor, because I can travel anywhere. She enjoys watching me be humiliated, and wants me to get as much experience as possible. So if anybody knows info about how I can apply to Femdom production companies let me know. Or if you know anyone looking for an experienced younger male slave/submissive. I get free flights and am not looking for money, so if the circumstances are right I will pretty much be an on demand slave. Please comment with any info, Thanks!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally release but Ruined

Finally I was released. I haven't had time to blog about it, but it happened last Monday. It was a ruined orgasm, but it felt so good to be released. The total time locked up was about 3 weeks. The biggest thing I've noticed being locked up that long is my thoughts of my Goddess. Constantly thinking and fantasizing about her. The worst thing is not being able to be with her constantly, so all that sexual energy cannot be released. Oh also, the erections became more popular. On to the excellent time I had with Goddess on that Monday..

We went out to the mall, dinner, watched tv and a movie, then we shut the door to the bedroom. I began kissing her and feeling her uncontrollably, kissing her all over. She really liked it and was giggling and teasing me. She decided to unlock me and I began giving her oral and using her favorite vibrator on her. Finally after she was done she said something like if you are a good boy and do as I ask I will let you cum tonight. I was extremely excited and eagerly nodded. She took out the Aneros (prostate message toy) and inserted it into me, I instantly felt the pressure on my prostate and started to precum, I was rock hard. She instructed me to get on my "suit". It's a all spandex body suit, I think it's called a zentia suit. I put it on, and couldn't see anything with the hood covering my face. She tied my hands together while I was laying down on my back. She then unzipped the section for my penis and started fondling me, I was very hard and felt like I was going to explode. Then the best part came, She startled me and pinned my hands down. She said you can stick your cock in me but you cannot cumin me, you must let me know when you are going to cum. I began thrusting my hips trying to get my cock into her and to move the Aneros into a message motion into my prostate. She laughed and  slowly inserted my cock into her. It Felt unbelievable!  She used one hand to grab my throat and one hand to hold my tied hands down. I began to thrust into her at a fast pass the she chocked me and demanded I stay still.

I laid there while she rode me, very slowly she was doin it. It felt excellent while I was in her and the Aneros was pushing on my prostate. Still slowly ridin me and squeezing tighter on my throat. I went to the point of no return and told her I'm going to cum. She pulled my cock out, and held my hands tighter while I tried to move me hands down to continue jerking myself while the orgasm occurred.  She was still chocking me pretty hard, while I could feel the contractions of orgasm while me seamen slowly drained out of me, I would especially fell the contractions against the aneros, as that slowly drained out everything I had. I felt like they lasted forever. It was finally over and I was disappointed but thankful at the same time. The cum was all over the suit in my stomach area, Goddess grabbed a tissues wiped it up then instantly wiping it all over my hooded face laughing, it was a lot of cum.

Finally we got up and took a shower together, I tried to make the move on her to have sex, but she wasn't having any of that. She did say she is going to unlock me for 1.5 weeks and let me jack off as many times as I can. I'm not sure why she's letting me do this, but I haven't argued. I've been doing it a lot, taking advantage of the situation, but I will have to put it back on on Thursday. She may tell me her motive for doing this, but maybe she was just being nice..? Thanks for reading my experiences, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to post!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More D/s

Had a great weekend with my goddess! Still lockedup and haven't been able to cum though, but it was a great time. Goddess unlocked me while I was with her (at least most of the time) it was nice having it off and  feeling what it was like having a cock again. We spent a lot of time together, going out to dinner, movie etc...Goddess did make me wear my cage while out to dinner and the movie. With that Goddess made me wear a pair of smaller tight jeans I have. Wearing these jeans the cage is pretty revealing, I was embarrassed and reluctant to wear them, but Goddess just said it looks like my cock is really big, with a smile. We went out and I was pretty red the whole time, paranoid people would be looking at my bulge.

We got back from out date and hit the bedroom. She was very happy that I've been so well with the chastity. She unlocked it, and said since I was a good slave she would fuck me tonight. She put on her favorite 10" strapon and  began telling me how much she loved this cage and how much more she loves me since I've been in chastity. She went on to make sure that my orgasm and any pleasure from my cock will be much deserved, especially through her sadistic tactics. Goddess told me to lay on my back, then she lubed up her cock and slowly teased me by barely putting it in me. I began to beg her to fuck me, she pulled out with a evil grin on her face. I wanted this so so bad, I remember it felt like I was going to cum just from thinking about it. This is all I wanted/needed at the time. I began telling her how much I loved her and I would do anything for her. She smiled with her grin than shoved it in very fast and hard. I made a pretty loud moan, as she forced it in and began fucking me.

It felt so good as she fucked me and angled it up towards my prostate. I felt like I was on the verge of an anal orgsam the whole time (never had a full anal organ w/o and genital stim). She began talking in her sexy voice about how my cock is her property and how I will never be able to pleasure myself again, and about how her fucking me with her cock will be the only sexual pleasure I will get from now on, with the occasional ruined orgasm. I remember I was in such a high state of arousal while she was fucking me and telling me this. I had precum all over my stomach from the fucking. When she was finally done she wiped her hand all over the precum on my stomach and demanded I lick it off her hand. She had a small grin but also had the serious demeanor on her face. I've only been forced to drink my own cum a few times and found it humiliating. I stuck my mouth up and tongue out and she wiped it on my tongue and mouth "Ha Ha you ARE my dirty little slut."

Then it was her turn to be pleased. She took off her strap on and gripped my hair and pulled my face down into her pussy, I pleased her with my tongue for 10-15 minutes the whole time with a very hard cock, I wanted to fuck her extremely bad, but I held back. She then told me to sit in her chair, and began to tie me up. She then took out one of her vibrators and began pleasuring herself right in front of my face. Then laid down on her bed and continued until an orgasm. She was flustered with a giant smile. She untied me and we went to bed.

She didn't say anything about when I will be able to cum, but I really feel like any stimulation will trigger an orgasm, especially when I'm around her. I'm even surprised I didn't have a wet dream while unlocked sleeping with her. It's been about 3 weeks with no orgasm. Since we departed ways I've still been thinking of her constantly. I love her with all of my heart, and can't wait to be with her again, hopefully soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Very Excited

I will be seeing my Goddess this weekend. I am very excited, but I don't know if she will let me out. Still Just to be with her is overwhelming for me. Since my cock is useless for any sexual gratification, I am hoping at least she will unlock me and fuck me with her strapon. That way it will act as a milking, and release some much built up sexual tension. I fine it really hard to go on without being able to cum, I am constantly thinking about her. Not much else I can think of besides her, even at work my mind distracts to her very often. I seriously can't imagine going more than 1 month.

Well I will definitely post once the weekend is over and tell you all about what this weekend consisted of.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surprised this weekend

Well I was able to meet up with my goddess this weekend, and it consisted of more humiliation and denial. I was only able to see her for 1 night due to work schedule conflicts. It was an exhausting night....

It began with us making out, and me begging her to unlock me. My erections have been getting a lot more frequent causing an annoyance. Especially since she was with me I had an ongoing erection. All that was on my mind was to do anything to cum, or at least to get any sexual stimulation/release. She made it very clear she was not going to be unlocking me...

She told me to lay on my stomach and put my hands behind my back and to fold my legs back. She began to tie me up, in a hogtie fashion. After she was done I was completely immobile, I couldn't even roll on my side without her help. Since we don't have a gag she duct taped my mouth shut (she really enjoys my moaning and muffled screams)I was excited, apprehensive and in a good amount of pain from my cock being suffocated and my arms and legs in awkward positions. I was excited to see where her sadistically creative personality would take us, and also fearful of what could happen.

She took out one of our new toys "The Pounder" this I used for the first time on cam for her last week. It's a very large anal toy about 10-12" long with a giant bulb at the top then goes down to a ribbed shaft. She began to insert the bulb end into my ass slowly with a lot of lube. I began to feel the width of this again and it slowly started to hurt more and more, I began to moan and squirm. She stopped then slowly began to insert it further. At it's widest point it's probably 2-3 inches in diameter. She eventually pushed it in past the bulb and began aggressively throbbing in me. Once it was in I could feel the complete fullness in me from this thing, I felt a lot of pressure on my prostate and could feeling the fluid coming out of my suffocated caged cock.

After about 10-15 minutes of her ramming my ass. She took a break with it still in me. I was aching, felt filled, was exhausted and felt a complete high in the submissive state I was in. She got out her lap top and began taking pictures on her laptop. A few of her friends really liked the pics that i was told to send out (read previous post). Goddess began to take pictures of me with the toy almost all the way in me and hogtied. Theennn, she kept the cam on me and went to the chatroulette website. She had me fully on the cam and began laughing at the surprised faces on chatroulette, she then joined in the cams view and began pounding me with it very hard and fast. She must have been trying to show off because it was much more aggressive. She was having a lot of fun with this she later told me...

She eventually untied me and turned off the cam. "Time for you to fuck me with your tongue!" I pleasured her with my tongue for about 20-30minutes. Following that she watched me write and send out the email with the picture of me completely immobile with a giant anal fuck toy in my ass...I still haven't seen her friends since these emails have been send out....I'm verrryy nervous to see them, especially after this one.

She left with my prostate drained but still locked up. Hopefully I will see her this weekend. I told her about making a video for the blog, but she wants them very discreet, her and I with masks of some sort. Hopefully I can convince her. I'll keep updating and remember to check back!

Oh! I also added a donate button, so if you really want to donate, it will be much appreciated (and maybe Goddess will be more open to produce more videos :) Our supplies are somewhat limited so we will only buy BDSM products or a camera to further create kinky femdom videos. Read the "About Donations" to set one up. Thank you!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cam T&D

Goddess required me to go on cam for her tonight. To get ready for the cam session she told me to get her two pairs of panties she left me and her favorite 10" dildo. I was very excited to see her on cam and to be submissive to her every demand. She was also excited to watch me squirm and watch me be in pain and humiliated over cam. Little did I know she would absolutley humilate me and cause me much deserved pain....

 It started off by her requiring me to strip and to put on her panties, very small tight black spandex type. Was already in great pain from the suffocated erection I had in her CB6000.She then began to strip and required my not to touch myself. She stripped and began to rub her pussy without revealing it behind her tight sexy panties. I began to ach more and more....

Then she instructed me to get out one of her new anal toys she ordered. It's about 11" with a giant buld at the beginning and ribbed all the way down, The bulb is very very wide, I've never used this one or have ever used something this wide. I was pretty nervous yet excited. She told me to "fuck it all the way down to the bottom." I tried and tried and slowly got it deeper, but was causing pain pain and really stretching me. She was laughing and still rubbing herself. I finally got past the bulb and got down to the bottom after much pain and humiliation. She demanded I fuck it hard until "you start sweating and you cock turns purple." I continued to fuck it and began to feel great put painful at the same time. I began to leak prostate fluid all over, most was stuck in the cage.

After this was done I was told wipe up all the prostate fluid that leaked out up with the other set of her panties. Then she instructed me start licking them until she said stop. It was very humiliating licking my own precum up, still had the smell of her on them so it was somewhat satisfying.

Then finally she told me to put on the pair of her black panties and start sucking on the 10" dildo. She kept saying "suck it you little slut, Harder!!" " Your just my fuck toy" Laughing sadisticly. A few times she told me to stop and just hold it in my mouth. I later realized why....She had taken a few pictures of me sucking on the giant dildo in her panties with my caged hard suffocated cock, slide out on the side of her panties....

She then gave me a small list of emails of her close friends. They know we are kinky but I have never been around while discussing it with them. She demanded that I send these pictures out with this message: "i am Goddess Q's little bitch slut toy and i do anything she asks me" "My cock is now property of my Goddess"...After much hesitation and embarrassment, she finally told me if i dont send these emails she would not allow me to see her until the end of January, and would only meet then to fuck my with her dildo with no lube until my "ass would bleed." I wised up after that and sent them instantly.

I now sit typing these stretched, sore in my ass and cock, exhausted, and completely embarrassed. I don't know what I will say or what I will do next time I see her friends...I am her slave and have never felt so much like it. The end of day 6 and I don't know how I am going to last until the 26th.

Day 5

I've been locked up for 5 days now and the frustration is beginning. I was expecting to see my Goddess this weekend to spend time with her. I was looking forward to please her, and enjoy her presence. I was hoping she would unlock me and let me cum. I guess not, I will have to wait until next weekend. IF she lets me cum that will be about 2.5 weeks, longest time in chastity. She really wants to wait until the 26th though I am worried about that, will be so much frustration, especially her not being with me during the time being lockedup, I wont be able to please her and release pent up energy...After 1 week of being lockedup all I do is think of her, constantly thinking of being with her, so I can't imagine doing another 2 weeks after that....

Right now after 5 days I am getting  pretty horny when not doing anything busy. I definitely want to cum right now, but thinking about it will just make it worse, have a long time to wait.  Just noticing the random thoughts of her are becoming more frequent then the past few days...She is also making me take L-lysine, and zinc. Supposedly they help produce more ejaculatory fluid. This may make it more frustrating for me. My balls filling up faster and making me more horny, in theory at least. This is the first time taking these amino acids so I'm not sure if they work.

I will keep this updated throughout the time I am lockedup...maybe every 2-5 days. Thanks for reading! comment on any thoughts, ideas, or questions.